Welcome to the puzzles section of my website! Here you will find an overview of the collection of puzzles I own. When I have found the time, there might even be some more than just a very short description. The goal is to describe every puzzle, show an image (or two) and give you my opinion about it. I took most of the images from the website of the producer, as they are better at it than I am.

In the navigation bar on the right you find the links to several parts of the website.

If you want to contact me, the contact details are below the navigation bar, if I didn't screw that up at some point...

So, have fun looking around. Questions, remarks or comments on the content or lay out of this website are always appreciated!


I divided the puzzles up in several sections. Apologies if you don't always agree ;-) Here is a short overview of what I mean with the sections in the panel on the right:

  • Construction puzzles: In this section I collect puzzles which are made to be assembled. Usually they consist of many seperate pieces and removing a single one of them makes the object fall apart. The difficulty should then be to reassemble it.
  • Entangled puzzles: These may consist of either metal or wood, containing ropes, strings or chains and usually it is quite obvious from the puzzle itself what you are supposed to do. Here, reassembling is usually not easier then 'solving the puzzle'.
  • Sequential movements: In a sequential movement puzzle the game is in the repetitive motion. The fifteen puzzle and 'Road Block' (which I don't have) are two classic examples.
  • Rubik's: Although these would fall under the common denominator of sequential movement puzzles, their fame made me decide to create a dedicated section for them. I show here the few variations I have.
  • Jugs and vessels: Stuff locked up in jugs and vessels are quite popular. I just bought my first two of these I do not really get the hang of them yet...
  • Other: Some puzzles are just too unique...
  • Links: Here you will find some links to puzzle related websites. Suggestions welcome!