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Find all the pre-prints on ArXiV!

Or on the more complete ADS

Plenty of data to play around with in the 7th data release of SDSS

Another impossible integral? Try Wolfram Integrator, or try solving it numerically, or do something else with Numerical Recipes

Find all the relevant Meetings on this page

Friends, Colleagues and alike

If you think someone (you for example) is missing here, please give me sign! I'll be pleased to add your link!

My ex-supervisor is Joop Schaye.

Claudio Dalla Vecchia and Craig Booth were the post-docs in our group.

The other PhD students in the group were Rob Wiersma, Andreas Pawlik, Olivera Rakic and Freeke van de Voort.

Amateur Astronomy in the Netherlands

The JongerenWerkGroep voor Sterrenkunde is the Dutch Youth Association for astronomy.

They organize, among other camps and activities, the Sirenekamp in the south of France.

Just FUN

Find todays (probably) brilliant geek comic on xkcd.

Tantrix is a very time consuming and addictive game...

OWLS related

Movies of the simulations, made by Craig Booth can be found on this page.


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